Customer loyalty programme introduced in our shop

Participation guidelines
21 May 2018
Archived: 2019-09-10

In our shop, you can get different levels of discount after your purchases. Skiers, snowboarders, bicyclists, racers and trainers are also offered permanent discounts! We also look forward to the Hajtás Pajtás couriers! 

Our regular buyer program offers permanent discounts with purchases:

  • 5% discount after purchase of 300.000 HUF
  • 10% off after 600,000 purchase
  • 15% discount after purchasing 1,500,000 HUF (10% at bicycle purchase)

Ski, snowboard and bicycle racers with a valid sports doctor's certificate or a valid license 15% off.

Drive Pajtás couriers 15% discount on products and service.

Hungarian Bicycle Club members have 10% discount on products and service with membership.

PCCC club members 15% discount, based on list of members.

Bicycle and snowboard trainers, coaches own season -20%, other season -10% discount.

For ski instructors according to the classified categories within the SMMS, ISE, and the foreign schools system:

  • * graduate: 10% discount on winter products,
  • ** instructor: 15% discount on winter products,
  • *** graduate: 20% discount on winter products.
  • Every graduate trainee has a 10% discount on summer products.