Customer loyalty programme introduced in our shop

Participation guidelines
12 Aug 2023

K2 Ski and Snowboard Centre and K2 Bike Shop launch joint customer loyalty programme starting in November 2010.

All our customers are eligible to participate.

How to register

  • Ask for an application form in the K2 shop and supply your details. Name, phone number and e-mail address are required. Give the completed form to our colleague at the checkout desk.
  • Alternatively you can register via e-mail at by sending your details or by clicking on Registration in the LOGIN box at the K2 website,

By applying you agree to receive the K2 newsletter with regular updates on the latest offers and news of K2 Ski and Snowboard Centre and K2 Bike Shop.

About the K2 loyalty programme

  • As a customer registered in the loyalty programme your purchases add up and increase your personal balance.
  • Please do let the cashier know that you are registered in the programme and give your details in order to have your purchase added to your balance.
  • When your balance reaches 300,000,- HUF (≈1.200.-€) you receive our 5% off loyalty card.
  • When your total adds up to 600,000,- HUF  (≈ 2.400.-€) you become a 10% off loyalty card holder.
  • 10% is the maximum available discount in the loyalty programme.
  • Please keep your receipts. (Thank you for supporting K2 in avoiding misunderstandings.)
  • Participants of our regular ski and snowboard trips automatically receive the K2 10% off loyalty card.

Loyalty card benefits, terms and conditions

  • Discounts are available for loyalty card holders and their immediate family members upon producing their card at the checkout desk.
  • Discounts are valid exclusively for products offered by K2 Ski and Snowboard Centre at full price. Different discounts do not apply simultaneously.
  • Discounts apply at K2 Bike Shop for bicycles, parts and accessories.
  • Discounts apply for K2 Ski and Snowboard Centre services like ski, snowboard and skiing gear rental and repair and similarly for bike repair and maintenance.
  • Discounts are not valid for second-hand purchases.
  • Loyalty card holders are not eligible for discounts regarding K2 ski and snowboard trips.
  • Discounts are not valid for products available at the K2 Seastar Diving Club.

Why register for the loyalty programme?

K2 Ski and Snowboard Centre and K2 Bike Shop are one of the biggest specialist shops in Hungary offering a wide range of products and brands with expert assistance available for customers at all times. Each purchase takes registered customers closer to becoming loyalty card holders and thus towards enjoying special discounts. The K2 newsletter provides up-to-date information on special offers and novelties.