General terms and conditions

28 Nov 2023

Buying conditions

Welcome to K2 Ski and Snowboard Centre and K2 Bike Shop. Welcome among our customers.
Before finalizing your order, please study the below information carefully

Vendor data

Vendor of products available on and :
Monte Rosso Trading and Service Ltd. – K2 Ski and Snowboard Centre and K2 Bike Shop (hereinafter referred to as K2 Ski and Snowboard Centre)

Address: 1036 Budapest, Pacsirtamező utca 16.
Tax number: HU28827564
Bank Account Number: HU98- 10102103-79893804-00000004
Phone: +36 1 453 08 19
Mobile: +36 30 9952728
Trade Register Number: C/003025
Company Register No: 01-09-375687

How to order

Ordering on the internet:

Only registered users can order products from
If you wish to order please register and then log in to start shopping.
Items you wish to buy can be collected in your virtual cart. If you wish to order a certain product, first choose size and give the number of pieces you want in the quantity box then take the product(s) into your cart by clicking ‘add to cart’.
The ‘cart’ automatically calculates total (net price plus VAT) and estimated shipping costs.

Sending the order:

If you have collected the desired products in your cart simply scroll down and click on ‘view cart’ or ‘checkout’ on the left hand side vertical column in the ‘CART’ box, or while viewing your cart click on the rightmost ‘checkout’ button. Then you should give billing and delivery details. Pleas read our ‘Buying conditions‘ - that you agree to accept when ordering from - carefully. On the order page in the ‘comment’ box you can post any special request concerning delivery or the product/s ordered.
After the sending and subsequent arrival of order you should receive a confirmation and information on the date of delivery. Please for your guidance read the next entry ‘availability‘.


If a specific product is not in stock when your order is registered in K2's system. K2 is liable to offer you another product or service that is in quality and value similar to the one you have ordered or to withdraw from contract.


In case of mistakes or defects on as to prices or product details K2 reserves the right of modification. In such a case after discovery and correction of the default data immediately informs buyer about the correct new details. Customer subsequently either verifies order or has the right to recede.

Important information of the subject of contract

You can learn details about a specific product from the information page of the product. For every deficiency or defect of the product description the supplier is responsible. We vend only original products.

K2 Ski and Snowboard Centre and K2 Bike Shop offers products belonging to the below product lines:
- Skis, ski bindings, ski boots;
- boards, snowboard boots, snowboard bindings;
- Winter clothing and accessories;
- accessories for skiing or snowboarding;
- accessories and protectors for professionals;
- skiing, snowboarding goggles and sunglasses;
- bicycle, accessories, clothes and parts

If the total value of your order exceeds 30.000,-HUF (including VAT) delivery and packing expenses (inside Hungary) are covered by the seller (except bikes).

Shipping and payment

Payment is possible by card, bank transfer or by C.O.D. (cash on delivery – payment for the parcel services company upon delivery).
Should you wish to pay by bank card you are redirected to Simple website, where the transaction can be finalised.
Payment in the K2 Shop is possible in cash or with accepted health fund cards.

Data transfer statement

By clicking the Redirect button the Customer accepts Monte Rosso Ltd. (1036 Budapest Pacsirtamezo utca 16. - Hungary) at and to provide the following personal data stored in its user database to OTP Mobile Ltd. (1093 Budapest, Közraktár utca 30.) Provided data: username, family name, given name, country, phone number, e-mail address. The purpose of data transmission: customer support for users, confirming transactions and fraud-monitoring for users defence.

Order date

In case of bank transfer it is the date of finalizing the order on the K2 website. In case of payment by bank card the date of a successful transaction.
If you pay by C.O.D. order date is the date when K2’s system registered your order.

Delivery deadline

On average delivery takes approximately 3-4 weekdays and all deliveries are to take place the latest 14 days (legislative provisions specifies 30 days) after the order date.
If K2 Ski and Snowboard Centre/K2 Bike Shop fails to deliver according to the above the paid sum is immediately –or within 30 days the latest- repaid.

The right to withdraw

You can withdraw from contract without further justification within 14 days after receipt of your order. In such a case the vendor is obliged to refund the sum immediately or the latest 30 days after the date of return of product/s.

Please note: Any additional charge resulting from the return of product and the practice of the right of withdrawal are to be born by the customer.
Financial consequences of any damage resulting from the improper use of the product by the customer are to be born by the customer.
The vendor is not obliged to accept returned products that have already been used.

Please check the content of the delivered package carefully before signing the receipt as unfortunately no further complaints can be considered.

Guarantee and warranty

Vendor most commonly assures a 6-month warranty for marketed products. Different warranty periods are stated next to the given product.
Vendor’s warranty obligations are to be interpreted in accordance with Hungarian law observing Ptk (civil code) and statutory order nr 117/1991. (IX.10.).
Pleas find any special warranty or guarantee conditions among special information on specific product lines or included among product details in the product description.


Shipping by parcel services and payment by credit card or bank transfer or PayPal

This is the fastest and most economic means of delivery.
When paying by card the ordered product is picked up by the shipping company the day following the successful transaction and when paying by bank transfer after the arrival of he sum payable on K2’s account.
The shipping company attempts to deliver your order within 48 hours to the given address.
Should the addressee not be found at the time of the delivery a note is left and the delivery is attempted again later.

Delivery by shipping services and payment by C.O.D. (in case of domestic delivery only)

The ordered products/s is sent by a shipping company upon reception of the buyer’s claim. The shipping company attempts to deliver the product/s within 48 hours to the given address.
If the recipient cannot be found at the time of the delivery at the specified address a note is left and further delivery attempts are to follow.
The price of the ordered product/s and delivery costs are to be paid to the shipping company on receipt of the package.

14. September 2020.