Frequently Asked Questions

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07 Feb 2018

•What is K2?

A ski, snowboard and bike retailer in Óbuda - Budapest - Hungary, K2 Ski and Snowboard Centre (and K2 Bike Shop from 2011 on) is a family enterprise established in 1999. Professional ski and snowboard instructors and colleagues specializing in other fields work together to ensure quality service in the K2 Shop.

•Is it possible to buy a product I found on the website personally?

The K2 Specialist Shop in located in Óbuda, the 3rd district of Budapest. We offer all K2 services in opening hours.

•Are prices similar in the K2 Shop?

Prices in the K2 Specialist Shop are the same as prices on the website.

•What does ‘in stock’ mean?

The products available in our shop are labelled ‘in stock’. These can be purchased in the shop as well. Please note that our colleagues update the stock once a day and it might happen that a given product is sold but is still has an ‘in stock’ status online until the next day.

•What does ‘soon accessible’ mean?

Typically the products that should soon arrive in our shop are labelled ‘soon accessible’. Once there at the K2 Specialist Shop, the status is updated to ‘in stock’.

•What does ‘e-mail information’ mean?

Some of the products offered on the K2 website are not available in the shop but can be ordered upon request from a customer. These products have the ‘e-mail information’ status.

•What should I do if I have ordered something and it is not the right size?

Give us a call and ask our colleagues if the given product is available in other sizes. If we have the size you need we are happy to change it for you. If the right size is not in stock you are welcome to choose another product or products up to the value of the product that you are returning. The costs of returning the product are covered by the customer. You can return the product personally or at your own cost by hiring a courier.

•What if I would like to pick up my order in person?

Choose the product you would like to buy and click ‘add to cart’. Choose ‘Receipt in our shop the next 3 day’ at ‘Billing and delivery details | Way of delivery’. We will have the ordered item waiting for you during the next three days. Monday orders should be picked up no later than Thursday and Friday orders no later than Monday evening. Payment in the shop can be made in cash, by credit card or by a health fund membership card.

• What it I would like to cancel my order?

You might cancel you order via e-mail at or by calling 0036 1 453 0819 before the product leaves the shop. After your order has been picked up by the courier it can no longer be cancelled.

•Does K2 offer free of charge delivery?

Yes, K2 is covering delivery costs if your order value exceeds 30,000 HUF, but only in Hungary except bikes.

•What does the cost of delivery depend on?

Primarily on the weight of the ordered product/s. For more products the weights add up and the delivery fee is calculated accordingly.

• How long does it take for my order to be delivered to the given address?

Delivery time is between 2 and 4 days in Hungary. Outside of borders the delivery times of DPD Express and Parcel Services are valid. (

•How do I track my order?

If you choose ‘By courier service’ at ‘Billing and delivery details | Way of delivery’ you can track your order through the K2 website at Specialist Shop > Shop Services > Transport > On-line parcel tracking’. Please click on the link (track) and use the parcel label number, the fourteen-digit identification number in the e-mail sent by DPD to track your parcel.

•The product I am about to order is a present to someone. Can I have it delivered to this person’s address?

Your ordered is delivered to the address you supply when typing delivery details at ‘Billing and delivery details’. Please remember to keep documents related to your order and purchase for future reference. These documents are delivered along with your order.

• When I pick a certain way of delivery does that refer to all the products in my cart?

Way of delivery can be determined per order and not per product.

•How do I get the invoice?

The invoice is delivered alongside the ordered product/s.

•What can be done if upon having my order delivered I find that the size is not right?

If your order has been delivered and the product’s size is not right or you would like to send the product back please contact us via e-mail. Please note that phone calls cannot be tracked and written inquires are a better way to proceed in such cases. Please pack the product as when delivered and hand it over for delivery to either DPD that K2 will order for you or use regular postal services. Re-delivery is covered in all cases by customer. All damage resulting from faulty packaging by customer is on the customer.

• What shall I do if I do not get an answer to a specific question under FAQs?

For the most frequently asked question you should find answers here but if FAQs could not help you please look at the following:

• ‘Order info’ box on the main page where you can find details regarding on-line shopping including payment, delivery and guarantee

• General terms and conditions

If you still cannot find an answer to your question, do not hesitate to contact us at or call 0036 1 453 0819. We would be happy to help!

Enjoy the new website!