Information of measures related to the coronavirus

20 May 2020

We have to put in place measures that effect day to day in order to keep all of us safe. The situation changes hour to hour and we adapt to that. You can inform here about changes in the shop. We are constantly updated our article!

18. 05. 2020.

According to the relaxation of the curfew first of all we changed the opening hours in the shop:

 - Monday-Friday: between 10-18 hours

 - Sturday: between 10-15 hours

There can be 4 custoumers in the shop at the same time and they must wear mask on their face!


27. 03. 2020.

Today's government decree is about restricting the movement of people.

- the government decree's 5th paragraph allows, so doesn't prohibit or limit cycling:

  • not the cycling that triggers public transportation
  • nor for recreational cycling 
  • but requires a spacing of 1,5 meters (which has long been called as a basic regulations by cycling organizations)

- the government decree doesn't affect the additional restriction of the opening hours 

  • therefore our shop also has a daily opening time of 10-15 hours 
  • this may change with further action

- by the government decree's 4th point the bicycle is an emphasized electric product, so there isn't any retsriction on bicycle sales, it allows to visit the bike shops for customers for shopping.

- the government decree's 4/p point mentions separately the opportunity of using bicycle services 

It's a common interest to implement and compliance of the measures above.  

We comply with all epidemiological precautions in our shop, so it's safe to shop for us or have a service for your bike.

In order to comply with the restrictions, we may limit the number of customers and visitors present in the store at the same time. 

Please make an appointment on phone for concrete bicycle shopping or for a service for smoother administration, purchasing and servicing! 

If you need professional help before buying, please call us on phone: 06-1-453-0819 or +36-30-995-2728!

Information about service:

The maintenance of ski and snowboard equipment has completely suspended. These devices can be serviced in the next season, from October! 

The bicycle service still operates in pre-booked system. Please call us on telephone for an appointment 453-0819!