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21 Sep 2011

It is the 14th time that K2 organizes its winter vacations that–like the K2 specialist shop- offer special services for those participating.
We want all participants to, with the help of our instructors , discover the enjoyment that winter sports, skiing and snowboarding, have to offer for enthusiast at all levels. Safety and a quality environment are things we hold out as extremely important.

Our trips enable ski and snowboard enthusiasts to spend time in a homely and cosy atmosphere. The fact that many families join us for their winter vacation year after year proves that our trips offer an opportunity to relax, to rest actively and enjoy sports for families with young kids as well.

Instruction: two - two and a half hours in the morning and in the afternoon in groups of different levels. Kids and adults are in separate groups divided further based on their skiing or snowboarding experience, and the children based on their age. While the children learn the basics or perfect their skills in a safe environment, the parents can enjoy skiing and recreation.

Trip participants are mostly families and young people. Many friendships are formed during the vacation time spent together in a great mood.

Well-trained ski and snowboard instructors in our team are cheerful and caring and have considerable experience working with children.

K2 Team

Children instructing Warm Up Adult ski instructing Tubing for relax